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Information Support Services Limited

More popularly known as CarSearch, Information Support Services Limited (ISSL) is a technology product – based service organization, which has been providing stolen vehicle recovery solutions to the national community since September 2001.

Services We Offer

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

CarSearch offers Stolen Vehicle Recovery Services with added benefits such as discounts on Insurance Premium and peace of mind. One of our main advantages is that we provide a 24/7 island-wide signal monitoring by our Control Room Monitoring Centre.

Good News

Lo Jack © in the News

Over the past several weeks, there have been several high profile LoJack stolen vehicle recoveries that prove the reliability of our technology and its positive impact on society.

Tested and Proven Technology WorldWide

Take advantage of these Limited Time Special Offers

Choosing a security system for your vehicle can be tough. But before you choose, ensure they have:

* Internationally Compliant Technology

* International Performance and Acceptance

* A local provider with proven performance and STATISTICS

Take a look at the video and see how the LoJack system works!

You can also DOWNLOAD our document that explains the differences in Technologies between:

GPS (Global Positioning System) and RF (Radio Frequency)


Global Alliances

Visit any one of the following Customer Service Centers nationwide




St. Augustine

#8 Carmody Road, St. Augustine


San Fernando

11-17 Fran St. Cocoyea, San Fernando



65 Carlos Street, Woodbrook, POS



Tiffany Garden Todd's Road Palmiste


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