1. Why choose the CarSearch system over other security options?

With the other systems

• There is no signal to track the location

• There is no armed security to locate and retrieve the vehicle.

• There is no continuous monitoring

It is like a cell phone system. You have a unique number. When our Control Room calls your number it answers. When your system is activated, the Control Center recognizes your system’s unique number.

2. My car is valued at $40,000, does it make sense getting the CarSearch Protection?

Yes, if you lose your car tomorrow, think the cost to you to replace it. If the cost to replace it and the valuables in your car is much greater than the cost of the CarSearch system, then it makes sense to get CarSearch Protection.

3. Is the Carsearch system the same as the LoJack Sysyem advertised in the USA and seen on cable?

Yes . it is the same system, which has been operating in the USA, but there is no major difference –that is in the USA the LoJack corporation does not provide recovery services. This is provided by the U.S. government via 911. In Trinidad , CarSearch provides this to ensure that your Vehicle is recovered quickly.

4. How does it work?

This system is the most popular and reputable technology –the one used by the FBI and 911 in the USA. The system uses a dedicated owned island wide Radio Frequency (RF) network, which allows our armed security to track the vehicles exact location. Radio Frequency (RF) is generally more efficient than the GPS when locating vehicles in hidden and enclosed areas. These companies have no control over the functioning of the global satellites.

5. Is my information confidential?

Yes. All information taken from the customer is confidential and can only be accessed by the relevant ISSL/CarSearch staff members.

6. Why does the CarSearch system first year cost appear expensive?

The first year cost seems expensive because it includes start up costs such as the Installation fee, Network Connection and the first year Annual Fee.

7. What is included in the Annual cost fee?

The cost of the Annual Service is for 24/7 monitoring of your vehicle together with the cost associated with tracking and locating each activation. Once you maintain the CarSearch protection service most of the Insurance Companies have agreed to provide a discount on your Annual car insurance.

8. What will it cost me when CarSearch tracks and locates my vehicle?

As a client of CarSearch you are not charged for any recovery services when your car is reported stolen, found and returned to you. However should you request a location track there is a fee.

9. My car has never been stolen, why do I need CarSearch?

Consider yourself lucky. Many other car owners have experienced the trauma of their cars stolen. Actually, it has been reported that one car in every 49 has been stolen.