CarSearch offers Stolen Vehicle Recovery Services with added benefits such as discounts on Insurance Premium and peace of mind. One of our main advantages is that we provide a 24/7 island-wide signal monitoring by our Control Room Monitoring Centre.

The Systems we Offer:

1. Retrieve Only

This is the standard service offered to locate and recover stolen vehicles, however our Control Centre has to be informed by the owner/driver when the vehicle is stolen.

2. Retrieve and Alert

This system provides automatic signal alert to our Control Centre even when the owner/driver is not yet aware the stealing is in process.

3. Carjacking

This system addresses the problem where the vehicle is taken with the keys and there is no immediate telephone communication possible with our Control Centre (i.e. cell phone is also taken). This is achieved by adding to “The Theft – Auto System” a system for manual activation (Panic button) from inside the vehicle before handing over the vehicle.

4. Executive Vehicle Tracking

This system addresses the problem where the vehicle is taken and the driver is held “prisoner” in the vehicle. This is achieved by adding to “The Theft – Auto System” an additional stand-alone system for manual activation from inside the vehicle which when activated signifies the Hi-Jacking scenario. (Only offered on a selective basis, with special conditions).


CompuSearchTT is a subsidiary of Information Support Services Limited, which is also the parent company of CarSearch. Due to the recent increasing threat of computer theft, our company has extended its recovery services to include stolen computers by partnering ourselves with Absolute Software the developers of LoJack for Laptops software.

The LoJack for Laptops system is actually a software agent, which is embedded in the bios of the computer. This software works on any Windows based operating system. In the event of the hard drive of the computer being erased or the computer is reformatted, the system rebuilds itself making it impossible to be removed.

1. Computrace One – Ultimate Computer Protection

Computrace One is a comprehensive solution that combines Computer Theft Recovery, Data Protection, and Asset Tracking. Computrace Complete allows IT administrators to centrally manage corporate IT assets by monitoring computer movement, call history, asset leasing information and software license compliance.

2. Computrace Lo Jack for Laptops (L4L) Standard

Computrace LoJack for laptops Standard is the leading Computer Theft Recovery Service for consumers. If a computer is lost or stolen, Absolute’s Theft Recovery Team uses the software to track the stolen computer and provides local police with information which they need to recover the stolen computer and apprehend thieves.

3. Computrace LoJack for Laptops (L4L) Premium

Computrace LoJack for laptops Premium is the ultimate theft recovery and data protection service for home office and small business computer users. This service offers the ability to track and recover missing computers as well as (remotely delete personal data such as banking information or other sensitive data stored on stolen computer).


Basic System Package for Vehicles

1. Vehicle Real Time Monitoring System

Our system is based on our integrated GPRS and Radio Frequency (RF) system. The GPRS aspect will be enabled by the use of the International GPS system and a local mobile provider while the RF will be provided by our 100% owned and operated RF system.

Our GPS/GSM/GPRS vehicle monitoring device includes optional mobile data terminal or hand free phone kit for two way voice and message communications. It is designed for almost any vehicle. With its compact and small size, it is easy to hide and install inside the vehicle.

2. Personal Location System (GPS Based)

This is a personal remote positioning device with built-in GPS and GSM modules that transmit co-ordinates to an authorized cell phone. This is especially useful for protecting oneself as well as, searching for children and old persons.

It is a small sized, high accuracy remote location tracking device. It is based on GPS satellite and provides accurate positioning information under dynamic conditions. This device can also be used as a security purpose and other purposes which need remote positioning such as asset protection and animal tracking.

3. Recovery on Demand

This service allows potential customers the option of contacting us only for recovery of their vehicle; this means your company has to confirm the location of the vehicle at which point in time, our experienced and well trained officers will retrieve the vehicle.